Fasted Cardio for President

I rarely get political in general, let alone in a public forum, but with an election year upon us I am breaking the mold and putting it out there early: Fasted Cardio for President.

All jokes aside, this concept really is worth its weight in gold for a lot of reasons you might not have considered.

From a purely practical standpoint we are chasing manipulation of energy systems, muscle fibers, and waste clearing mechanisms.

The bigger picture is much less about the science and all about the journey.

For many-a-crossfitter, the world of endurance requires a foreign application of effort. An effort that cannot be understood until we are at peace with its existence. Call it a conditioning piece and disguise it as functional fitness and you’re more likely than not going to end up with a heart rate graph that looks like a Swiss mountain range instead of an uneventful straight line. That is precisely why we must call it by a different name, ask for specifics like fasting and it to be all by itself on an active rest day. It’s a lesson that is taught hour by hour, over time, and requires a sound mind long before we’re concerned with split times.

To hear the guys take a deep dive into fasted cardio and aerobic training, check out the Misfit Podcast HERE, or search for the Misfit Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.