Frequently Asked Questions

We always preach that recovery is as critical to a proper training program as the training itself. To be able to continue to perform at the highest level day-in-and-day-out, you have to take care of your body and mind incessantly. Coach Hunter wrote a great piece about Rest Days that you can find here: https://staging.dev.misfitathletics.com/articles/a-deliberate-approach-to-training-part-ii-what-happened-to-rest-days/

We have a specific program for athletes looking to peak for their upcoming event. The Sanctional Prep Program lives on our website here: https://staging.dev.misfitathletics.com/individual-competition-prep-program/

Our affiliate programming exists with the specific intention of helping gyms follow along and perform Misfit Athletics training at their box. For more information about our affiliate programming, contact us here: https://www.teammisfit.com/

Our main camp is Misfit Summer Camp each year, which is held typically following the Games in August. We run camp during the summer so that our campers can not only experience our camp, but see what our beautiful home state of Maine has to offer. It’s an experience like none other. We hope to see you at one soon.

The best place, other than events where we are traveling to is our store, Sharpen the Axe (www.sharpentheaxeco.com). Our store is chock-full of the best Misfit items!

If you’re interested in working with a Misfit Coach in a one-on-one setting, fill out this form: https://staging.dev.misfitathletics.com/remote-individual-coaching/application/ and you will hear back from Jenn very soon!

Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. However, while you work to bolster your available equipment, ask yourself or your training partners, “how long should the ________ take?” Once you know that information, you can determine if the goal stimulus is breathing, or muscle fatigue, or something else. With that information, you can work to mimic the stimulus. The primary keys here are: be flexible – it’s ok to do something slightly different. Create variance – change it up each time it comes up, and finally, go hard. The intensity is what creates the adaptation. 

Proper execution of the weakness template for 99.9% of the athletes who use it is simply substitution. We recommend that you do not add the weakness template on top of your regular daily training, instead substituting similar work for the weakness template work. Most programs are 5-8 weeks long, so it is imperative you stick with it for the entire duration. Be focused on your long game, not what is shiny and new!

Our weakness templates are your best bet to address specific weaknesses in your fitness. We have Weakness Templates for weightlifting, gymnastics, as well as conditioning.

We recommend starting your sessions each day with the training piece that you are least proficient in. By starting your day with your “hardest” part, you can be sure you are the freshest you will be, which should help you perform the training piece with intensity.

Consistency is critical, so your training session should look similar each day. First, select the order in which you plan on training for the day by prioritizing weaknesses first. You can use our warm ups or your own, and if you have specific needs please include them in your warm up. Then attack your first training piece with intensity and then wrap up the session by cooling down with a short walk, bike, or row. Repeat the sequence as many times as necessary until you have completed your training day. Following your last piece, consider extending your cool down to the 10-15 minute range and follow it up with some soft tissue work or stretching.

A proper training session including warm-up, mobility/activation, training, and then cool down, should take, on average, around 2 hours for the Hatchet program depending on the day’s training (sometimes more, sometimes less). For our MFT and AG programs, you should plan on 3-4 hours to properly execute the program, ideally splitting training into 2 sessions. Do not attempt to cram everything into a condensed timeline – this is a recipe for disaster. We will always advise you to prioritize relative intensity (how hard you can go or how focused you can be) over trying to cram all of your training into a rapid-fire session.

The primary difference in our subscriptions is the level of access you will have to the Misfit Athletics programs and the coaching staff. Our free option gives you access to our comments section of the blog as well as the ability to see the daily Misfit WOD. The next level up from Basic is Plus. 

The main addition to the Plus tier is the access to the full MFT and Hatchet programs, whereas Misfit WOD is just a single training piece from the day’s training. 

A level up from Plus is the Pro tier, which gets you the addition of the Age Group program (Masters 35+ and Teens ages 14-17) as well as our library of Weakness Templates. The weakness templates are specific strength/skill/conditioning development programs that are specialized to attack particular weaknesses. 

Our highest level of subscription to our site is the Complete tier. This tier provides you with exclusive access to our private Facebook groups which are moderated and monitored by Misfit Coaches. In addition to the Facebook group access, you are also able to see their entire training week in advance. This ability to see your full training week ahead of time you to plan your training week around your life, not the other way around. Athletes who subscribe to the Complete tier for a full year earn a free ticket to one of our training camps.

All paid subscribers also receive varying discounts to the Sharpen the Axe store. For more information on what’s included in each tier, visit the Membership Pricing page

Our standard training schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. We program active rest/recovery days on Thursday and Sundays. The only time of year our schedule changes is during the weeks around the CrossFit Games Open when we move our rest days to Wednesday and Sunday. 

The main difference in our programs is that they are for athletes in different parts of their fitness journey. We aim to provide every CrossFit athlete with an option that is best suited for their fitness. The Getting Started page breaks the three programs down in more detail and will help you decide which of our three programs are best to get you started with, but below are some general guidelines.


MFT: Games Competitor, asprining Games Competitor, Elite/Pro-Level Sanctional Competitor

Hatchet: High level affiliate athlete, RX/Intermediate Sanctional Competitor

Age Group (AG): Masters/Teen Athlete seeking the top 200 in the Open and take a shot at qualifying for the Games through the AGOQ

By visiting the Getting Started page! We strongly recommend you take the time to read through this page as it teaches you a ton about the Misfit Athletics programming philosophy, each of our programs, who they are for, and how to follow the daily program.

Misfit Athletics is owned by Drew Crandall, Ted Bonenfant, and Matthew Sherburne. In addition to ownership, Hunter Wood and Jenn Bonenfant are vital members of the Misfit staff.

Misfit Athletics is an online training platform that is creating the fittest and most well-rounded CrossFit athletes possible. Our program is a one-stop-shop for all of your competitive CrossFit training needs. We have a proven, battle-tested approach to creating some of the fittest humans on earth. If that piques your interest, then Misfit Athletics is here for you.