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With over 10 years of experience in the world of competitive Crossfit, Misfit Athletics knows what it takes to perform at the highest levels. Whether you are just beginning your competitive journey or are a seasoned veteran looking to take the next step in your career, we’ve got programming and resources for you.


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With your membership you get full access to every programming track Misfit Athletics offers a full week at a time.

4 Different program tracks to chose from:

MFT / For athletes expecting to compete at the Semifinal or CrossFit Games level.

Hatchet / For athletes who are getting started in the competitive landscape, are looking to crush the Crossfit Open and put their best foot forward in Quarterfinals. Hatchet also includes equipment modifications and scaling suggestions. 

Masters / For 35+ Masters athletes looking to qualify for Quarterfinals, Online Semifinals, or the Games. The Masters program includes volume and Age Division Modifications (ADMs) for 55+ athletes. 

Teens / For 14-17 year old Teen athletes looking to qualify for Online Semifinals and the Games. The Teens program also includes modifications for 14-15 year old teens. 

Tools and features to help you personalize your program and maximize your training:

Full Week of Programming in Advance / Personalize your training with the full week of programming in advance so you can plan your week and prioritize pieces that you need to hit hard. 

Weakness Templates / Supplemental programs to help you crush weaknesses without interrupting your overall training. 

An Amazing Community / Misfits embody the greatest community in our sport. Become a Misfit and make connections all over the world. Be sure to join our Discord!

*Workout Tracking & Leaderboards / Included in your membership is access to Misfit Athletics programming on Fitr, allowing you to track and log workouts and PRs while seeing where you stack up on daily leaderboards!

Start for free with a 14-day free trial 

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Variable Training System

CrossFit programs can’t be one size fits all and that’s why Misfit Athletics coaches developed our Variable Training System allowing athletes to personalize any of our programs to match their individual needs.

Built For Competing

The Crossfit competition season is what organizes our training phases, but our guiding principle is general physical preparedness. This means that you can start following Misfit and start getting ready to crush your competition at any point in the year.

Week In Advance

One of the best ways to personalize your training is to know what you’ve got coming so you can prioritize training pieces to fit your schedule. This is why we provide you with a full week of training as part of your subscription.

Programs For Everyone

Whether you are just starting your competitive journey or have aspirations for higher levels of competition we have a program for you.

Amazing Community

The Misfit community is truly the thing that makes Misfit Athletics special. Join our Discord server to join the community and share scores, tips and more with Misfits all over the world!

Weakness Templates

Do you have a very specific weakness that you want to crush? Our weakness templates are designed to help you do just that! With new templates coming out periodically we’ve got templates for endurance, gymnastics, strength and more!



Find the right Misfit Athletics program for you and start finding out just how great you can become.