Mind Rules All

The vast majority of you are here to uncover ideas that will lead to the advancement of your physical pursuits. This platform is held up by the infrastructure that makes up your mental state.

When exploring what goes into beefing up this infrastructure, remember that the execution is what is complicated, not the solutions. Many of you already take the bulk of the associated categories very seriously because of their apparent connection to the physical realm. Sleep, nutrition, non-exercise movement, and the like have profound effects on your mental state.

The final two categories are often underutilized due to our personal defense mechanisms. Our relationships have been a source of tremendous two-way vulnerability throughout human evolution and are largely missing at the depth we need them to be in modern society. The final pursuit we must uncover is the ability to balance stress and recovery. Worldwide rates of mental health decline are strongly connected to constant overstimulation.

The simple solutions referenced earlier revolve around consistently listening and sharing with your tribe and taking the time daily to remove external stimuli and calm your mind. Easier said than done, but so are the remarkable things you will your body to do every day.

Whether you’re currently crushing, on cruise control, or stuck, take the time to tend to your mind. It will take care of the rest.

Misfit Musing #50

Welcome to Misfit Musings, a weekly blog about my constant thoughts as a coach translated to multiple perspectives. I’d love to hear what you think and would be honored to increase it’s frequency if requested to do so. Enjoy.