Phase 2 Has Arrived

On Monday, September 27th, we embark on Phase II of our season-long plan to build the most well-rounded athletes in our sport. If you followed along in Phase I, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge your work. We keep a very close eye on your scores, videos, and progress, and it has been by far the most impressive buy-in from our athletes we’ve seen to date. If you’re joining the family for the first time or making your way back, welcome. Our theme this year is #everythingonpurpose which is built around the concept of taking every single warm-up, lift, training piece, and even round or rep at a time. We spent countless hours fine-tuning our programs in the hopes that you are able to zero in on the things that are going to move the needle for you physically and mentally.

Each Phase we write focuses on biasing specific movements and energy systems in a thoughtful order that builds you up to our competitive season. To get the most out of it, we ask that you consider the best avenue towards PRing during re-test week, even if the PR is between your ears or directly linked to a single movement. To do so, you must take tedious notes in week 1. When evaluating your workouts, make sure to note things like splits, sets, and anywhere you went wrong in terms of strategy. From there, whether it’s a machine, skill, or lift, you’re going to get to execute on them alone in a controlled environment. Make sure your goal is to improve vs. impress. The final ingredient in mastering the test/re-test model is improved capacity, which will occur automatically if you do #everythingonpurpose.

For all of my nerds out there, we have a comprehensive breakdown of lift, skill, and conditioning biases with their associated tests for download below in our Programming Guide and Weekly Check-in sheets. 

We’re beyond stoked to track all of your progress over the next seven weeks. There will be ups and downs for everyone throughout the Phase; keep that in mind and rely on your momentum to carry you both. See you on the leaderboards, fam.