Talent is Overrated

Misfit Musings #1


Welcome to Misfit Musings, a weekly blog about my constant thoughts as a coach translated to multiple perspectives. I’d love to hear what you think and would be honored to increase it’s frequency if requested to do so. Enjoy.


We’re all here for results. Differences in what you’re after and what drives the need aside, we are all navigating the path from our own point A to point B.

I like to think about it as a simple equation where we take what you’re capable of in the present day and multiply that by the work you put in to advance. What comes out the other side is the new answer to what you’re capable of in the present day.

The first input into this equation becomes less and less about your genetic potential as each day of your life passes by. As this reality sets in we are given the opportunity to harness the unlimited potential of our experiences and what they will let us know if we are willing to listen.

The second input is where the magic lives. It’s why so many people believe in manifest destiny. It’s also why so many people let the universe dictate something that is well within their control.

Talent is overrated because your personal history is too powerful to give it a single name like “luck” or “genetics”. Talent is overrated because consistency drives performance far more than capability every could.






By Drew Crandall