Tiny Habits & Mood Boosting

Misfit Musing #52

Many of you begin your day with training sessions set as the pinnacle of your priorities. While this can be part of a successful strategy, it should not come at the expense of accomplishing the little things outside of training.

Habits like spiking your heart rate first thing in the morning to improve sleep quality, setting time aside at night for static stretching, or maintaining adequate hydration levels are the types of things that move the needle both physically and emotionally. The key is to find the effective habits that also make you feel like you’ve got a win for the day. Sprinkle these routines throughout your day to remind yourself that dedication relates to the bigger picture, not just physical intensity.

By prioritizing these small victories, you will find that a more positive emotional state colors your training sessions, and I can tell you from a decade of coaching that a happy athlete is a dangerous one.