Weakness Templates


We spend the better part of 8 months building the foundations an athlete will need to take them as deep into the CrossFit Games season as possible. Each subsequent cycle blends training disciplines a little more until it looks like exactly like tests the sport of Crossfit will present. If for any reason you missed out on some of the specific work or you feel like you need to continue to focus on one specific weakness, we have plans for you. Remember these are NOT supplemental programs in terms of being added to programming on the site but should take place of something you consider similar in effort.


5K RUN WEAKNESS TEMPLATE – Running is an essential facet of fitness but, despite this importance, many athletes have cultivated a high-level level of fitness that is still missing one crucial element: proficiency in running. This template provides you with the necessary training needed to improve your running capacity in the most commonly tested running benchmark, the 5k.

STRICT HANDSTAND PUSH UP TEMPLATE 1.0 – Strict Handstand Push Ups aren’t going anywhere, but we’ve got you covered with the SHSPU weakness template. This 4 week plan is designed to accumulate a lot of time under tension, pressing in all different planes, and getting comfortable upside down. Strict HSPU are best done fast, but stamina is what most athletes are lacking when it comes to big sets.


MISFIT ATHLETICS BASIC SWIMMING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – This template is designed to take a novice swimmer and improve their capacity, confidence, and skills to a point where they can comfortably swim either long distances or incorporate swimming into mixed conditioning pieces.


OLY TECHNIQUE TEMPLATE – The goal of this plan is to slow down and really focus on the positions in your lifts. It will work really well for a high-level lifter, or someone just looking to get started the right way before finding a true 1RM.

OLY 1RM TEMPLATE – The goal of this plan is to get an athlete ready to peak their olympic lifts at any given time during the season. The testing period prior should be within the past 8-10 weeks, or you should consider testing, taking a week off, then starting this template. As always this would be a supplement to the program and would need to be replacing something on the blog.


MUSCLE UP VOLUME TEMPLATE 2.0 – The ability to put together big sets of muscle ups within a workout is a critical skill, and knowing what your capacity is within the movement is even more important. Whether your max set of muscle ups is 3, 5, 8, or 12+, our goal is to get you confident in hitting set after set without blowing up. We’ve beefed up this template to to make sure you all are keeping pace with the sport while still making it doable for everyone. Get after it!

HANDSTAND WALK TEMPLATE 1.0 – Our Handstand Walk template is designed for athletes to develop the stamina and body awareness to be able to consistently walk on their hands. The template provides drills, progressions, and exercises needed to get you walking on your hands as quickly as possible.

MUSCLE UP STRENGTH TEMPLATE – This template will assist the skill development portion with better
pulling and pressing abilities for the Muscle Up. This template is designed for those who have not yet gotten a Muscle Up OR do not have them consistently.

BITCHNASTICS TEMPLATE – This is for the athletes that have sound gymnastics when they are fresh but really struggle with them as soon as their heart rate gets up.  The pieces are as simple as it gets, go all out on conditioning and transition right into the gymnastics to see if you can hold on.

HANDSTAND PUSH UP TEMPLATE 2.0 – All too often we see athletes with excellent capacity but a lack of positional awareness and stamina required for big sets of handstand push ups. We’ve revamped our HSPU template to try and address these issues with the hopes that you not only gain capacity, but maybe more importantly, gain confidence in a movement that rewards quality and punishes inefficiency.


These programs are very cut and dry. I want to improve on these lifts, and I know the lack of accessory work and my form aren’t the cause. Each and every one of these programs will take up a large percentage of your energy and we can’t stress enough that you need to subtract things out of the program accordingly to fit them in. We also do not want anyone doing the volume cycle back to back with itself after Cycle 1, so if you want to do it again, save it for the offseason.

MISFIT FRONT SQUAT TEMPLATE – This template will focus on improving the way you front squat. Whether you struggle with a 1RM or front squatting in met-cons, this is for you. Over 5 weeks of work you will develop the mobility, stability, and movement patterns you need to squat better. This template along with the other squatting strength work we do throughout the year will be a recipe for a HUGE front squat PR.

3RM SQUAT CYCLE – Our sport is much more based on muscle endurance than maximal strength, so we need to progress throughout the year from a 1RM strength base to much higher numbers. The 3RM cycle is our first step in the progression that we want to take each year.

STRICT PRESS POWER CYCLE – If pressing movements are the bane of your existence this program is here to help.  This template will allow address your form and mobility as well as add strength so that you can finally overcome your pressing troubles.

VOLUME SQUAT CYCLE – This is the same squat cycle we use for Cycle 1.  If you truly feel you need to do this make sure it is during the Off-season to avoid doing it back to back.


Everyone has their areas of weakness when it comes to strength training, and sometimes the solution is to shore up the small muscles and connective tissue in the problem areas. Beware of the urge to move with reckless abandon and get these done quickly, without the form component you’re just pissing in the wind. With accessory work you have the mental capacity to focus on a much greater level than under fatigue.

UPPER BODY STABILITY ACCESSORY PLAN – This program is for anyone who struggles with overhead stability, positioning, and high rep pulling or pressing.  The big focus is on building connective tissue to fix these problems.

POSTERIOR CHAIN ACCESSORY PLAN – Our sport asks you to call on your posterior chain in nearly everything. If this is a problem this program is for you.  This accessory work will translate to all of your lifts.


Whether you’re joining us later in the year and missed out on all of the fun KTB work, or you really feel like you need to keep at it once the year turns into primarily CrossFit, the KTB endurance plans are here for you to attack your weaknesses by simply putting in the time and effort.

KTB MACHINE -If you really struggle with the Rower or Bike this program is for you.   This will help you build aerobic capacity with some longer pieces as well as work on some shorter, faster intervals.

KTB RUNNING – If you hate running this program is for you.   This will help you build aerobic capacity with some longer runs and work on some shorter, faster intervals.

10 DAY 2K ROW PR PROGRAM – Need to address your Rowing weakness really fast?  Maybe you need to train for an upcoming competition.  If you are seriously committed to earning a significant PR on your 2k this may be for you.