Welcome to Phase 0

Welcome to Phase 0! Your Athlete IQ Baseline Testing Phase

Whether you’re a longtime Misfit or beginning your journey with us for the 2023 season, we ask all athletes to know a lot about themselves to get the most out of our program. For that reason, we’ve built in two weeks of what we refer to in-house as ‘Athlete IQ Baseline Testing’, leading into Phase I.

For the next two weeks, you’ve got three main goals: Fill in any 1RM numbers that are more than a year old, hit all 12 Misfit Benchmarks, and re-test any old or non-existent mono structural tests. Armed with that information, you will be an entire step ahead of most athletes while executing Phases I-IV.

We’ve got all this laid out for you on your daily programming for the next two weeks, so all you need to do is print out your Athlete IQ Baseline Lists and head to the blog daily.

Good luck settings your baseline numbers, and we’ll see you in Phase I to officially begin our quest for the Misfit Takeover 2023 edition.