What are the differences between your levels of subscription?

The primary difference in our subscriptions is the level of access you will have to the Misfit Athletics programs and the coaching staff. Our free option gives you access to our comments section of the blog as well as the ability to see the daily Misfit WOD. The next level up from Basic is Plus. 

The main addition to the Plus tier is the access to the full MFT and Hatchet programs, whereas Misfit WOD is just a single training piece from the day’s training. 

A level up from Plus is the Pro tier, which gets you the addition of the Age Group program (Masters 35+ and Teens ages 14-17) as well as our library of Weakness Templates. The weakness templates are specific strength/skill/conditioning development programs that are specialized to attack particular weaknesses. 

Our highest level of subscription to our site is the Complete tier. This tier provides you with exclusive access to our private Facebook groups which are moderated and monitored by Misfit Coaches. In addition to the Facebook group access, you are also able to see their entire training week in advance. This ability to see your full training week ahead of time you to plan your training week around your life, not the other way around. Athletes who subscribe to the Complete tier for a full year earn a free ticket to one of our training camps.

All paid subscribers also receive varying discounts to the Sharpen the Axe store. For more information on what’s included in each tier, visit the Membership Pricing page