Welcome to the Misfit Athletics Strict Handstand Push Up Template 1.0. You’ve asked and we’re here to deliver – the Strict HSPU Weakness Template is here! This 4-week program it built for athletes who want to improve their limited SHSPU capacity, or even for those seeking their first few reps. The name of the game with this movement is time under tension, so you’ll be under your fair share of it 3 days per week, with 2 programmed mobility days. You’ll press is all planes and get plenty of time upside down. Don’t forget, this template should supplement your current training by replacing training pieces with pieces from this program, not in addition to. Get after it, and good luck!

Max Strict HSPU + Max Kipping HSPU + Max Handstand Hold
Each set you perform is meant to be done without coming off the wall. Kick up with your hands close to the wall and begin your max effort set of strict HSPU. Once you’ve maxed out your strict, go right into kipping, and then once you’ve maxed out your kipping go right into a hold against the wall. If you kick yourself off the wall or need to kick back up to get into your hold, do it. Time under tension is key here, so you really need to max out each movement for this to be effective.

Strict Deficit Handstand Push Up Negatives
This exercise is great for getting added time under tension through a longer range of motion that a traditional handstand push up. Use plates, mats, parallettes, whatever you can to add range of motion to your descent. Again, the key here is time under tension so take your time lowering yourself. Make sure you remain under control all the way to the mat so that you’re not crashing, and feel free to kip into your next rep if you can.

ATYT and Snow Angels

On mobility days we’ll ask you to perform both of these movements using some resistance bands or similar apparatus. These movements are great for warming up and general shoulder and scap health, so don’t feel like you should limit them to the days they are prescribed. Like anything overhead, make sure you’re keeping your ribcage down and are not overextending in your back to artificially increase your mobility.


Maintaining a quality hollow position is the correct and most efficient way to perform the strict handstand push up, and relies heavily on adequate mobility throughout the entire shoulder girdle and thoracic. These are a few unique mobilizations we recommend that will enable you to get into the positions required to maximize strict handstand push up capacity and keep you supple while you work through the program.

Banded Internal Shoulder Rotation

This can be performed with a band as pictured, or by simply grabbing hold of a rig or upright. With the fingers and thumb wrapped around the bar, gently squat down and pitch your torso forward until you start to feel a gentle stretch in the front of the shoulder.

Sink Mobilization

With a barbell in a rack at the same height you would squat at, reach both hands behind you can grab the barbell with your palms facing down. Stagger your feet for balance and gently sink downward until begin feeling a stretch in your pecs and the front of your shoulders. You will get different stretches based on how narrow you place your hands, how low you sink into the stretch, and what areas you are tight, so experiment with the different variables.

Time to Get to Work

Over the next three weeks, you’ll be inverted five days a week drilling positions, mobility, and improving your stamina overhead. The template moves quickly because we believe most of you already have the requisite strength to support yourself upside down, and the only missing link is simply a written program forcing you to practice these skills. Mobility is included each day and is absolutely required given the amount of time you’ll be on your hands. Get to work.