Have you ever been experienced?

A consistent theme in our advice has been to broaden your depth of experience, especially in relation to weaknesses. Inexperience is often cloaked in weakness and serves as a diversion from something that you could excel at if you could get past those initial moments of doubt.
Here’s where we flip this concept on its head. Experience can also contribute to a narrowing point of view over time. The road to mastery is paved with experience, yet the acknowledgment of such expertise insinuates an end to a never-ending process. There’s also the simplistic idea of stubbornness. Over time and through experience we develop movement patterns that become frustrated and fixed, which leads to perceived permanence.
Just as we need to stockpile experiences to gain more understanding, we also need to succumb to the fact that there is endless nuance that is opened up more and more by experience. Once that concept is accepted, we can begin to realize new opportunities for continued growth that were once disguised as roadblocks.
Now that we’ve come full circle, we are still peddling experience as the ultimate form of feedback. Search for variance within your movements and strategies and mindset, just make sure you’re open to what’s behind the doors you open.

Misfit Musings #20