volume vs. VOLUME

At some point during each and every Misfit Training Camp (pour one out), we half-jokingly remark that ‘free time is not impressive.’ This is a nod to the quality over quantity position we campaign for while addressing the intertwined topics of intensity and volume.
Volume within our context typically refers to how many ‘pieces’ you do during a given period. I am proposing we keep the word but completely change the meaning.
Grammatically speaking, we can also refer to VOLUME as the quantity and power of a sound.
As you work your way through the days and weeks of a training phase, the key is to apply the appropriate amount of VOLUME to a single stand-alone piece to execute on and, in turn, receive its desired effect.
So yes, VOLUME is impressive once again now that it is the dial you turn up to signify the intensity of your focus or effort.