What is actually making you better?

Chasing mastery across multiple physical domains is a tall task. Throwing in the numerous avenues within each domain needed to achieve such a status leaves you with a complex web that represents your overall strategy.
This complexity presents us with an analytical challenge. Each strand added to your web makes it more and more challenging to put your finger on precisely what is helping you improve. Such a murky picture can hide the possibility that you could be improving in spite of the very methods intended to move the needle in the right direction.
When you combine various elements to the extent that most Crossfit competitor programs do, it is entirely feasible that a prevalent movement pattern, workout strategy, or overarching theme is holding you back, even while you’re improving. This concept is explained quite simply when thinking back to your beginner gainz trajectory that occurred despite employing some practices that you’d rather not admit today.
Practical analysis of your methods requires another journey into the macro. We will be forever campaigning for the micro mindset within your day to day work. Still, perspective shifts represent important landmarks and checkpoints in many facets of life.
As you continue to improve, and the margins between competitors narrow, uncovering the things that yield the final few percentage points left in reaching your potential could make or break your entire season. So, from time to time, zoom in on each strand of your web and ask yourself, “Is this making me better, or is everything else covering up its damage?”